Hasami Masamune's new world. Its name is KUROCO.

From picking buds to branches. KUROCO Pruning Bud Shears 200.

This is the "KUROCO" series, a new brand proposed by Yoshioka Cutlery Manufacturing.
These scissors are based on the color black, which is also the image of a blacksmith, and were created with the desire to make gardening enjoyable for everyone. They are lightweight, have a gentle spring, and open to fit in the palm of a woman's hand, which is relatively small.
The bud-cutting blade 200 is the basic size. It is a unique blade shape of Yoshioka that can prune buds and branches. The tip of the blade is thin so it can get into tight spaces, and the blade is finished so that it can easily cut branches when needed. (Up to about 10 mm) This is a product that is generously packed with the scissors technology that has been cultivated over many years. Please visit the sacred area of ​​KUROCO.

Uses: Can be used for various gardening tasks such as picking and harvesting fruit tree and horticultural buds, and cutting bonsai branches.

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The KUROCO bud cutter series is designed to be easy to use for women with small hands and weak grip strength. It fits in your hand even when open, making it easy to work with. The blades fit together perfectly, so you can cut even soft plants neatly and comfortably. Be careful not to cut too much because it's too much fun.

Note: The blade has a small finish on the back to prevent chipping when used for cutting raw wood, so it is difficult to cut ropes and strings (strings used to tie to posts, etc.).


KUROCO (Kuroco) bud cutter blade 200


Overall length 200mm, width 44mm, blade length 53mm, blade base thickness 3mm, handle length 115mm


Approx. 160g

Materials and specifications

Blade: Special blade steel (gold stopper) / Screw type / 7mm (with locking nut) Boxed


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