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Michi Knife Industry Co., Ltd. High speed chisel

Michi Knife Industry Co., Ltd.

What is Michi Knife?

We started manufacturing saw sickles for rice harvesting, and in 1979 we started manufacturing chisels.
Currently, we are engaged in integrated manufacturing of chisels and are developing products in line with customer needs, such as high-quality high-speed steel chisels (with steel).
It is used not only by professionals such as Buddhist sculptors and Noh mask makers, but also by enthusiasts.
We aim to create products that meet a variety of needs, not just chisels for woodworking, but also for teaching materials, resin, rubber, leather, etc., so that children can have hands-on experience with knives.

Company Profile

  • Michi Knife Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 673-0452
  • 945-32 Ishino, Bessho-cho, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • 0794-82-3331
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