Ikutomotatsuo Woodworks

Ikutomo Woodworking Shop Manufactures saw handles, knife handles, and cutting boards

Ikutomo Woodworking Shop

What is Ikutomo Woodworks?

Since our founding in 1946, we have been working as a woodworking shop to support the development of the hardware industry in Miki City and Ono City, focusing on saw handles. Currently, there are only three to four companies in the country that manufacture saw handles. Following the 4th generation of Mr. Kuniki, we continue to develop wood products under the `` Tumugu' ' brand by adding new ideas based on the techniques we have cultivated and which can be used in a variety of situations.

Company Profile

Ikutomo Woodworking Co., Ltd. Manufactures saw handles, knife handles, and cutting boards.
  • Ikutomo Woodworking Shop
  • 673-0452
  • 502 Ishino, Bessho-cho, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • 0794-82-1062
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