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What is Tsunesaburo?

From an early age, the first generation Tsunesaburo (Tsunezo Uozumi) worked as a butler under his grandfather Utaro Kurokawa, learning the secrets of plane manufacturing for 28 years, and founded Tsunesaburo Planer Seisakusho in 1945. While passing down the secrets of the ancient plane manufacturing method to our successors, we have continued to research modern methods.
The second generation Akio Uozumi has been working since the birth of the former Tsunesaburo Planer Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and has continued to devote himself to mastering the use of both ancient and modern methods.
Currently, Tsunesaburo Co., Ltd. is under the third generation, Toru Uozumi, and we hope to continue to contribute to traditional Japanese housing, and to work hard every day with the belief in making planes that are trusted and loved by everyone.

Company Profile

Tsunesaburo Plane
  • Tsunesaburo Co., Ltd.
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  • 2151 Fukui Hachimantani, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
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