Ikeuchi Hamono

Ikeuchi Knives Made by Mikihisa Shozo Shuzo Shozo

Ikeuchi Knife Co., Ltd.

What is Ikeuchi Knife?

The company began manufacturing and selling gardening knives as Ikeuchi Koto (manufactured) in 1952, and changed its name to Ikeuchi Knife Co., Ltd. in 1996, which continues to this day.
Through the fusion of traditional techniques and new techniques cultivated over the past 70 years in the making of small knives, we manufacture products that are recognized by professional craftsmen in Japan and overseas for their pursuit of sharpness and durability.
It is divided into three brands depending on the material and method: ``Mikiku'', ``Shosansaku'', and ``Shuzon Shosansaku'', and the top-ranked products require more than 70 steps from forge welding and forging to putting them in the presentation box. Just as each small sword that has been made with great care has a unique appearance, each hand-forged product is unique. In recent years, it has been highly praised by woodcraft enthusiasts and campers both domestically and internationally.
We continue to manufacture products centered on traditional Japanese techniques, always thinking about the satisfaction of the customers who use our products.

Company Profile

Ikeuchi Knives Company Profile
  • Ikeuchi Knife Co., Ltd.
  • 〒673-0404
  • 718-2 Omura, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • 0794-82-2274
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