Hayashi Industry

Kiyotsuna Hayashi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Hayashi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

What is Hayashi Kogyo?

Founded in 1892. The business began when the first Kotaro Hayashi began processing tinplate and other materials in Hata-cho, Ono City. In the early Showa period, the second generation, Keiji Hayashi, began manufacturing Higo no Mori knives and kitchen knives. During the war, we manufactured military supplies in response to the demands of the times, but after the war, when the production of knives and other items was restricted, we began manufacturing rasha cutting scissors and pinking scissors.
Established a corporation in 1945. In 1975, we established a second factory and began manufacturing knives in earnest. It is rare to find a company that can handle scissors (2 blades) and kitchen knives (1 blade), and it is a company with a wide range of technology.

Company Profile

  • Hayashi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • 〒675-1377
  • 329-1 Hatacho, Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • 0794-70-8427
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