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Inoue Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Pursuing product quality through a "quality-oriented" approach.

In 1911 (Meiji 44), Inoue Magosuke founded Inoue Knife Seisakusho as a manufacturer of Higonokami (knives). Since then, our main products have changed to building and civil engineering related tools such as chisels and crowbars, and now we mainly manufacture tip tools for power tools. While inheriting the fire-forging technology that was used at the time of our founding as a forging processing department, we have established a new metal processing department and equipped metal processing equipment to the present day. We manufacture products from the perspectives of both craftsmen and machines, and the technology accumulated since our founding has been inherited by the current Inoue Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. If you have any problems with forging or metal processing, please contact us.

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  • Inoue Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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