Kansai Saw Mfg.

Kansai Saw Co., Ltd. Sawmaster Yamakichi Shuriken

Kansei Saw Co., Ltd.

What is Kansai Saw?

Established in 1967. We are a manufacturer of gardening tools such as chip saws for mowing and hand saws.
Our manufacturing process inherits the craftsmanship that is the tradition of Miki Hardware, and develops products that pursue sharpness and durability, and thoroughly maintains quality and controls production. Our "Sawmaster" and "Yamakichi" brands are symbols of tradition and high quality.
We will introduce a wide range of products, from those for mowing grass to those for bamboo and miscellaneous trees, and double-sided types. We also continue to share Japanese traditions such as ornamental shuriken with the world.

Company Profile

Kansei Saw Co., Ltd. Company landscape Saw Master
  • Kansei Saw Co., Ltd.
  • 673-0431
  • 3-15-10 Honmachi, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • 0794-82-0022
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