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Kazuyuki Tanaka Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Mr. Seiki Tanaka, Seiki Saku, Shigekisaku

Kazuyuki Tanaka Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

"All genuine forged and handmade products"

At the end of the Meiji period, during the Russo-Japanese War, he began manufacturing sickles as a sickle blacksmith.
In 1945, it was established as ``Tanaka Benkama Seisakusho'' and was manufactured under the motto of making tools that are recognized by users who are dedicated to making cutlery.
In 2000, the name was changed to ``Kazuno Tanaka Knife Manufacturing'', which is still in use today.
Production began in 1994.
He trained at a traditional craftsman blacksmith in Takefu City, Fukui Prefecture, and has produced numerous works centered on the ``Shigekisaku'' brand.
Thanks to its craftsmanship and innovative design, it is loved by people both in Japan and overseas.

``Just as each person's face is different, each piece is different because it is a genuine forged and handmade product.
We are confident that our carefully crafted knives will satisfy everyone who uses them. ”

Company Profile

  • Kazuyuki Tanaka Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • 673-0452
  • 875 Ishino, Bessho-cho, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • 0794-82-5660
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