KAMA is cute and reliable.

A handy small tool. Dwarf Sickle

A reliable and convenient scythe, just like the dwarf blacksmith.
Fully quenched 3mm thick stainless steel to a hardness of over 55 degrees HRC. It is durable, rust-resistant, and can be used powerfully. The sickle blade is used for picking baby plants and cutting the trunk. Of course, it can be used for weeding. The tip of the handle can be used to remove soil entangled with the roots of plants taken out of pots, loosen the roots, and push soil between the roots when planting in pots. It is convenient to use when working with small bowls of sizes 3 to 5.
Dwarf Sickle is a sickle made with the new concept of ``TAKEMOTO BROS.'' that adds design to functionality and durability. For collecting agave seedlings, cutting the trunk, and transplanting plants. Please use it for weeding work. Single-edged right-hand type.

Check amenoma !

Anyway, it is convenient for working with small pots. It can be used for delicate tasks such as collecting agave seedlings and cutting cactus. The cute and cool dwarf sickle will look great when placed next to your favorite plants. Good to look at, good to use. Enjoy your garden life with this wonderful Sickle.
One thing to note. When using the tip of the handle, please use it with the blade facing up as there is a risk of the sickle blade hitting your hand.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Dwarf Sickle 45mm


Total length 220mm, blade length 45mm, width 60mm, blade thickness 3mm


Approximately 45g


Body: Stainless steel (sus420j2) single-edged right-hand use, boxed


Takemoto Sickle Mfg.