Spiral root scraper.

For removing soil and loosening roots. brass soil stick

Carefully loosen the entangled roots from the soil. This is a root rake for replanting made by Kamasmith.
The cutting edge can be used to remove soil entangled in and loosen the roots of plants taken out of pots, and to push soil between the roots when planting in pots. The spatula part can be used to create a gap when taking the pot out of the pot, or to roughly play with the soil. Although the cutting edge is sharp, it is rounded to prevent damage to roots and pots. Also, by adding a spiral shape, the soil is further entangled, making it easier to drop and push. You can work on your precious plants with peace of mind. Even the details of potting work can be adjusted.
Soil Stick is a rooting stick made with a new concept called ``TAKEMOTO BROS.'' that combines functionality and durability with design. The BRASS type is made of brass, which does not deteriorate over time. We have prepared two types: S (5mm square) and M (8mm hexagon) so that you can choose according to your work. We are planning to sell S/M sets at a 10% discount. Recommended for repotting and transplanting sizes 3 to 8 .
*This is a completely handmade item. Each one is different in size, spiral shape, etc. please note that.

Check amenoma !

My love for plants these days is amazing! An increasing number of people are growing popular succulent and tuberous plants by repotting them and growing them larger, or by dividing them. You can use disposable chopsticks for root digging, but using a cool tool to take care of your precious plants will really lift your spirits. It looks really cool when you place it next to a potted plant and take a photo. The more the tools are used, the more they age and become more original. Please grow it in your own color.
" Universal Sickle 135mm " is recommended for transplanting in a slightly larger pot.




Total length 210mm, material thickness (S: 5mm, M: 8mm)


S approx. 40 g, M approx. 80 g


Blade: Brass, boxed


Takemoto Sickle Mfg.