Anyway, it's a durable shovel.

What kind of hard soil is that? Forged scoop short handle.

A favorite item for landscaping professionals. Create a cool garden.
A shovel made using the techniques of a blacksmith. By hammering and forging red-colored steel at high temperatures, the structure of the steel is clogged, resulting in a durable product with hardness and tenacity. The handle is also made of durable natural wood. I like experts. I can do tough work. The sharp edge of the blade allows it to be used not only for digging, but also for cutting roots, and can dig through hard soil.
The short handle type is convenient for one-handed work.

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Sakai Seisakusho's new brand ``BONSAI+'' is a series recommended for those who want to garden in a cool way. Recommended for those looking for a durable shovel. Its heavy weight makes it effective for clearing even hard soil that cannot be dug with a regular shovel. If you use it too hard, the handle may not be able to withstand it and break. Even so, the blade does not budge. It's cool to use in the garden ♪ Why not use it as your favorite "Garden Tool"? *Even if the handle breaks, it can be repaired.


BONSAI+ Forged scoop short handle


Total length 370mm, blade length 175mm, blade thickness 2.5mm, handle length 185mm


Approximately 370g


Blade: 55C steel (carbon steel) Handle: Beech wood /with paracord


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