Dig through hard soil.

dig! Cut! Sharpen! BONSAI + stainless steel

A landscaping shovel that is useful in wastelands and is resistant to rust.
The blade is made of stainless steel and has a hard-fired finish to create a durable and rust-resistant product. The handle is also made of durable natural wood. I can do tough work. Comes with a special synthetic leather case that can be passed through your belt, making it a cool carry. A para rope is attached to prevent falling and slipping. Comes in a presentation box and is recommended as a gift.
The 3mm thick blade can be used for digging holes and trenches in hard soil in gardening and vegetable gardens, and the saw blade can be used for cutting roots and dividing plants, etc. Digging wild vegetables in the mountains is also useful. *Equipped with a ruler function that allows you to measure soil depth and plant length (up to 15cm).

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Sakai Seisakusho's new brand ``BONSAI+'' is a series recommended for those who want to garden in a cool way. Wild vegetable digging is a favorite tool for landscaping professionals as a digging tool. It is also popular overseas under the name "Horihori". Because it is narrow, it can easily fit into narrow gaps (such as the edges of planters or between flowers). Recommended for camping and outdoor digging work.


BONSAI + Stainless Steel Wild Vegetable Digging Box


Total length 300mm, blade length 170mm, blade thickness 3mm, handle length 130mm


Approximately 220g (250g in case)


Blade: Stainless steel (saw blade) with memory / Handle: Beech / Sack: Synthetic leather


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