To the sea and mountains. Its name is "Kaji knife"

Fisherman specifications. kaji knife Fishing105 (Makiri)

To the sea and mountains. This is a ``blacksmith knife'' that can be used in a variety of situations regardless of the environment.
An all-round knife that is sharp, durable, and easy to maintain, created by the small swordsmith Hiromi Ikeuchi. The blade is a double-edged 3mm thick V-gold No. 10 steel hammered finish. The motif is the ``Makiri knife,'' which is resistant to rust and is used by professional fishermen on board boats. The grip part has both corrosive and antibacterial properties by burning the oak pattern. The reflective para rope reflects when you shine a light on it in the dark, making it easier to find.
Comes with a tsuba called ``Banshu Hiruto'' to protect your hands. Guards your fingers from going to the blade longer than usual. The scabbard is hand-finished from durable and fire-resistant No. 6 canvas. It has a moisture release hole at the bottom for good ventilation. *Can be attached to a belt loop or MOLLE, and can be attached to a fishing vest or backpack.
Kaji knife Fishing105 (Makiri) is a collaboration product of Ikeuchi Knife x Amenoma. Fisherman exclusive type. It has a wide width and a strong cutting edge, so you can stably perform ikejime and three-piece fishing at fishing spots in the sea or mountain streams . Can be used regardless of left or right handedness.

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It all started when a blacksmith who loved fishing made it as a hobby knife. Anglers who saw how easily it handles fish asked for it, and when people started using it, word of mouth spread about its ease of use, which led to the commercialization of the product. In recent years, many people have tightened the fish they caught on the spot and taken it home, and sharp knives are a perfect match for the culture of preparing and eating delicious fish.
Note: Unlike the full tang type, the wooden handle type inevitably has problems with its strength, so please refrain from chopping firewood (battoning). Since it is a canvas case, please wipe off any blood after handling the fish before storing it. If you are concerned about dirt or smell, please wash by hand.

*Can be resharpened and repaired. Please see the sharpening image for details. We recommend the portable maintenance tool " Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set " . Maintaining your favorite tools in the outdoor field is the best!
If you need full maintenance, please send it to us. Broken handle can be repaired.


Kaji knife Fishing 105


Total length 230mm, blade length 105mm, blade thickness 3mm, handle length 120mm
With case, total length 250mm


Approximately 130 g (170 g in case)


Blade: V gold No. 10 steel (double-edged) hammered finish
Pattern: Banshu Hilt, baked oak pattern, reflective pararope Case: Paper box with No. 6 canvas belt