The ultimate camping knife made by a blacksmith.

Realizing a dream collaboration. Falthen SYU Special

Unnecessarily high spec. This is a folding knife that can be used in camping cooking situations.
Banshu Miki knife craftsmen, knife blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka and knife sharpener Yamato Miyawaki, have turned Mr. SYU's ideas into reality. Powdered high-speed steel, which has the strongest cutting edge and durability, has been made into a blade shape that is tough enough to cook food. Through trial and error, we decided on the blade opening angle that would prevent your hands from touching the cutting board and allow you to cook with peace of mind. The grip part is made of precious natural wood "beef wood". It is a rare wood with tight grain and density, and it looks like marbled meat, making it a unique choice from SYU, who is an expert in cooking. The screw part is made of brass. Comes with a special genuine leather case that looks cool over time and is convenient for carrying and storing. *As this is a natural product, the case color may vary slightly depending on the dyeing process.
Falthen SYU Special is a dream collaboration product of Mr.SYU x Kazuyuki Tanaka x Sanjuzu Cutlery x amenoma. A folding cooking knife that allows you to do cutting work in a limited space at a campsite, and allows you to cut a wide variety of foods, from soft to hard. Can be used regardless of left or right handedness.

*What is Mr.SYU?
There is nothing like it when you talk about it. He is a popular YouTuber who enjoys outdoor activities such as canoeing and biking, mainly solo camping. We thoroughly research and use the tools ourselves and introduce products that we are satisfied with. YouTube channel

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Conventional folding knives have short blades that are difficult to use, and if they are too long, they are unsuitable for carrying around. Taking these into consideration, we created a size with a blade length of 100mm. The strongest blade made of powdered high-speed steel has a long-lasting cutting edge, and can easily cut through any kind of food, making it a perfect choice for core campers who use it dozens of times a year. When you first use it, it may be harder to open than the elastic wooden handle. It gets softer with each use. On the other hand, if the opening/closing becomes loose, tighten the screw part and adjust. You can also disassemble the blade and handle by removing the screws. You are responsible for any damage or loss of parts during work.

*If you continue to use it, it will lose its sharpness. It is surprisingly hard and difficult to repair, but it can be resharpened and repaired. We recommend the portable maintenance tool " Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set " . Maintaining your favorite tools in the outdoor field is the best!
If you need full maintenance, please send it to us.


Falthen SYU Special


Total length 255mm, blade length 100mm, blade thickness 3mm, handle length 135mm
Includes case (folded) Total length 170mm


Approximately 80 g (100 g in case)


Blade: Powdered high speed steel 3mm thick (double edged)
Pattern: Natural beefwood, brass screws, paracord included Case: Genuine leather case, paper box