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Shuriken for appreciation “MAGATAMASHIHO”

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A dream shuriken for viewing.


This is a shuriken for viewing purposes.
Ninja love is spreading all over the world, from children to overseas enthusiasts. My favorite item from that worldview is the shuriken. We have created a product that can be kept close by as an ornamental. It is made with emphasis on the real size and texture, so it is impressive. Each side has a hammered finish and a black leather finish, which makes it look cool. You can decorate it. You can have it. You can enjoy each in your own way. *This is for viewing purposes only. It does not come with a blade. Please do not throw or anything like that. There is a risk that it will rust again. We recommend regular cleaning with knife oil.
Magatama Shiho This is an ornamental shuriken "Magatama Shiho" inlaid with one of the three sacred treasures on all sides. The beauty of the design has been passed down since ancient times.

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Ninjas are popular all over the world. Shuriken, which was used by ninjas in battle and as a tool, is a coveted item for such fans. As a fun feature unique to ornamental use, each side has a different finish. The hammered surface has an uneven decorative estuary, giving it a luxurious feel. The black leather surface retains its surface condition after quenching, and each piece has a unique, rustic and tasteful appearance.


Ornamental shuriken “MAGATAMASHIHO”


Diagonal total length 110 mm, thickness 3 mm (Paulownia box 120 x 120 x 25 mm)


Approximately 70g (boxed 150g)


Alloy special steel (black skin/hammered) paulownia box


Kansai Saw Mfg.