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Mikihisa marking knife 18mm

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Sharpness born from tradition.

Popular item. Marking knife (V-Shiragaki Tuchime) 18mm

This product is handmade and has a honyaki finish that combines the characteristics of blue steel material, sharpness, and durability. It is also called ``Shirohiki'' and is used as a marking line for precision work. You can draw thinner and more accurate lines than pencil or ink.
The V-shaped white persimmon type can be drawn to either the right or the left, allowing you to draw accurate guide lines such as attaching the body of the tenon, marking the position of holes, and marking the fastening line. If your hands hurt after working for a long time, you can wrap them with tape or string.
It is popular because it can be used regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

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It can be used not only for marking, but also as a craft knife. You can adjust the thickness of the score line with the blade (obtuse angle ↔ acute angle). Shirogaki and V-shaped Shirogaki are different in material. If you are looking for ease of sharpening, we recommend choosing Shirogaki made of white steel, and if you are looking for a durable cut, we recommend choosing V-shaped Shirogaki made of blue steel. If you want to enjoy the sharpness of Ikeuchi knives from the beginning, please wipe off the anti-rust varnish with thinner before use.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Small knife V-shaped white persimmon knife Tsuchime 18mm


Total length 185mm, blade (cut) width 18mm, blade length (each) 16mm, blade base thickness 3mm


Approximately 65 g


Blue steel No. 2 steel (single edge, right-hand use) hammered finish, blister


Ikeuchi Hamono