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Banshu improved sickle 125mm

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A sickle that is both sharp and durable.

Easy to pull. Banshu improved sickle 125mm

A sickle with sharpness and durability, made in pursuit of the ideal blade angle. Very easy to pull and easy to work with. The blade is made of 2mm thick steel material that has been hardened to a hardness of HRC 60 degrees or higher, and has been made thinner using a ski finish (a technique in which the polished blade is further shaved into a concave shape to allow for better separation of grass and improve sharpness). The single-edged blade provides excellent sharpness and is easy to resharpen. The handle is also made of durable oak. It is a product that is both sharp and solid.
Since it is a medium-thick type, it can be used safely even on thick-stemmed grasses (such as pampas grass and bamboo) and stubborn weeds. Its compact size makes it convenient for detailed care of flower beds.

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Durable and can be used for a long time. Recommended for those who are looking for such a sickle. Banshu kama's characteristic ``suki finish''. The cutting edge of the blade is carved in a gouge-like manner, making it easy for the cut grass to separate, making it easy to weed over a wide area. The medium-thick sickle is useful for cutting stubborn weeds, and the 2mm blade is 0.4mm thicker than the thin blade type, making the blade stronger. Although it is a little heavier than the thin blade, we recommend that you consider it if you are planning on using it hard. For those who are thinking of going into the mountains to remove branches, there is a product called a wooden sickle that is even more durable.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Banshu improved sickle 125mm 8 inch handle right hand


Total length 310mm, blade length 125mm, blade width 27mm, blade thickness 2mm, handle 240mm


Approximately 135 g


Blade: Yasugi steel with special steel, single edge (skid finish), handle: oak handle


Takemoto Sickle Mfg.