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High-speed wood carving knife with leather case (right/left)

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The strongest small knife.

Bamboo crafts are also available. High-speed wood carving knife with leather case (right/left)

It handles hard dry bamboo without any problems.
A small knife for woodworking made from the highest quality steel material "High Speed ​​Steel".
A unique quenching method has been used to create a steel material that lasts three times as long as regular knife steel, giving it both high hardness and tenacity. The blade does not easily chip and retains its sharpness on hard wood and very hard soot bamboo. The steel type uses extremely soft iron as the base metal. Easy to sharpen and hard to temper even with machine sharpening. Easy-to-grip pistol-type grip. Wrapped in paracord, it is non-slip and easy to apply force. Comes with a genuine leather case, making it convenient to carry and store outdoors.
The high-speed wood carving knife has the hardness unique to high-speed steel and the sharpness unique to a single-edged blade, so it can cut even extremely hard dried bamboo for a long time. Of course, it is also ideal for raw wood and hardwood work. There are right- and left-handed versions, but it is convenient to have both left and right hand tools, as the cutting method will differ depending on the workpiece, regardless of your dominant hand.

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Eternal durability is a necessary condition for those who create works. By reducing the number of resharpenings, you can concentrate on your work for longer periods of time. I wrap paracord around the grip to reduce fatigue and pain in the back of my hands. The case, developed jointly with a leather craftsman (Mr. Taketomo Sasaki of Gigi Fabrica), is finished with tanned leather and becomes darker with each use.

*Can be resharpened and repaired. (Please contact us)


High-speed wood carving knife with leather case (right/left)


Total length 190mm, blade width 27mm, 2mm thickness blade length 65mm


Approximately 80 g (approximately 100 g in case)


Blade: High-speed steel, single edge (paracord wrapped), leather case included


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