Yoshioka edged-tool works

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Yoshioka edged-tool works

Pruning scissors ``Scissors Masamune'' What is Yoshioka edged-tool works ?

It all started in 1945, when we started making 8-inch Rasha cutting scissors during the chaos after the war.
Two years later, the founder, Kihachi Yoshioka, began manufacturing various types of rasha cutting scissors, and in 1971, he began producing garden shears, root cutting scissors, etc.
The characteristics of our products are that most of the customers who use them are professional workers, so we place great importance on ``cutting well and balance when held.''
Another major feature is that we develop products together with the customers who are actually using them.
From now on, we would like to continue to ``become a Japanese blacksmith'' and manufacture products based on our origins, with the company motto ``Good products call people without a voice.''

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