Instantly maintain your important cutlery.

Quickly restore sharpness! amenoma knife strop(leather strop)

Immediately solves the problem of not being able to cut the hair when you try to cut it.
A leather strop that can easily restore sharpness in the outdoor field. To use, slide the blade of a knife, hatchet, axe, or kitchen knife up and down on the leather surface. (Image of a barber sharpening a razor!) The leather is 2mm thick genuine leather on both sides. It has a rectangular shape with a length of 360 mm and a width of 50 mm. Please use it with one side (eggplant ring part or D ring part) fixed to a hooking place (pole or peg) and stretched. It will be more stable if you use the included ring carabiner to pull it. After use, it can be rolled up into a compact size. The metal fittings are also antique colored. It's cool how the leather ages with each use.
Knife strop (leather strop) is a Morio Kobo x amenoma collaboration product. For restoring the sharpness of knives used outdoors. Final finishing after re-sharpening with a whetstone (for removing fine burrs and burrs).

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Sharpening the blade is recommended for a short time at the campsite, after setting up, before chopping firewood, or before cooking. In particular, many people who go camping every week run out of things to do, so doing maintenance in between can be a good way to kill time. The sharpness changes as you sharpen the blade, so the better you become at it, the more fun you'll have. If you do it seriously, it will become nothing and it will relieve stress ◎. On the other hand, if you get particular about it, it's quite a swamp. Leather strop is mainly used to restore sharpness. For those who want to sharpen properly, we recommend the `` Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set,' ' which can also be resharpened with a whetstone.


Knife strop (leather strop)


Total length 400mm, width 50mm, thickness 2mm


Approximately 85 g


Genuine leather, antique metal fittings, ring carabiner included