ultimate! Outdoor maintenance tool.

This is OK! amenoma knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set

If you have this, you can play with knives at camp with peace of mind.
This is an outdoor knife maintenance set that can be carried compactly in the outdoor field. Sharpen the blades of knives, hatchets, axes, and kitchen knives with ceramic whetstone Yamato (#1000) and finish deburring them with Knifestrop (leather whetstone). Comes with a dedicated stand so you can work stably. The whetstone is for medium finishing (#1000) to restore sharpness. The leather is 2mm thick genuine leather on both sides. It has a rectangular shape with a length of 360mm and a width of 50mm.Please use it with one side (eggplant part or D-ring part) fixed to a hooking place (tent pole or peg) and stretched. Please use the included ring carabiner according to the occasion.
How to use: Set up the dedicated stand for Yamato+ in a stable location, pour a small amount of water onto the whetstone, and with the sharp side of the blade touching, move it up and down at a 45° angle to sharpen both sides. If you don't have a fixed place, hold the whetstone in your hand and place it vertically against the blade to sharpen. If there are any burrs caught on the blade, remove them by stroking them up and down with a leather strop. (Image of a barber sharpening a razor) After use, it can be stored compactly as a cover for the whetstone. The metal fittings are also antique colored. It's cool how the leather ages with each use. *You can check the storage method in the image.
Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set is a collaboration product of Morio Kobo x Naniwa Polishing Industry x Amenoma. For restoring the sharpness of knives used outdoors. The blade is sharpened with a Yamato (#1000) and the final finishing (for removing fine burrs and burrs) is done with a knife strop.

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Sharpening the blade is recommended for a short time at the campsite after setting up and before chopping firewood or before cooking. In particular, many people who go camping every week run out of things to do, so doing maintenance in between can be a good way to kill time. The sharpness changes as you sharpen the blade, so the better you become at it, the more fun you'll have. If you do it seriously, it will become nothing and it will relieve stress ◎. On the other hand, if you get particular about it, it's quite a swamp. If you want to easily sharpen a knife before or after using it, `` Knife strop' ' is sufficient. Note: In the case of a chipped blade, it is difficult to use Yamato (#1000). Please use Yamato (#400) coarse abrasive type (sold separately).

*Yamato is made using a manufacturing method called magnesia, which takes about 90 days to mix abrasives and cement-based binders, knead and dry (cold dry → warm dry → room temperature). Even high-hardness knives can be sharpened quickly. Another feature is that there is no need to add water to the whetstone, and it can be used immediately after pouring water on it. On the other hand, like conventional artificial whetstones, it will dissolve if left immersed in water. be careful.


Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set


Leather strop: Total length 400mm, width 50mm, thickness 2mm
Whetstone: Total length 133mm, width 45mm, thickness 15mm
Whetstone stand: Total length 150mm, width 50mm, thickness 20mm
Set: Total length 175mm, width 50mm, thickness 60mm


Approximately 390g


Genuine leather: Antique metal fittings, ring carabiner included Whetstone: Yamato (#1000), Whetstone stand: Paku Urethane grip included