Crush the growing points to increase the number of offshoots.

A knife specially designed for cutting the core.

This is a core-stopping knife used to crush the growth point.
"Core-stopping" is the process of crushing the growing points of agaves, cacti, etc. to increase the number of new plants. The growing points are located in recessed areas, so you insert the knife deep into them and gouge them out neatly. The knife is 6mm wide and narrow, so it is easy to insert the sharp tip into gaps. The blade is made of "white steel" with a glaze finish. It is characterized by its sharp cutting edge and ease of sharpening.
The core cutting knife can be used to crush the growing point in a recessed area, and can also be used as a gardening knife. There are two sizes, 160mm and 330mm in total length. Please choose according to the size of the plant (depth to the growing point). Custom-made for left-handed use.

How to use the core cutting knife (see image)
①Insert the tip of the blade into the growing point at the back of the plant.
②Insert deep between the growing point and the leaves.
③Cut it out in an arc.
④ Cut all the way around to remove the growing point.
⑤If it is not completely crushed, cut it again.
⑥Once the growth point has been completely destroyed, the process is complete.
It is also recommended to apply a fungicide to prevent disease.

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What is core-stopping for succulents? It is a method to suppress growth by crushing the growing point (the point where the leaves come out) and give the plant a sense of danger, which increases the number of new plants. Since the growing point is in a small and crowded central area, a blade that can cut long and thin is very useful. You can look forward to many new plants appearing 2-3 months after cutting the growing point. Also, since it is made of steel that rusts easily, wipe off any moisture after use and dry it before storing. If storing for a long period of time, it is safe to apply camellia oil.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Plant Growth Points cutting knife (160.330)


160: Total length 160mm, blade width 6mm, blade thickness 3mm
330: Total length 330mm, blade width 6mm, blade thickness 3mm


160mm approx. 20g 330mm approx. 35g


Blade: White steel No. 2 (single-edged, right-handed) hammered finish, bag included