Wood stand solo Keyaki New release on December 1st

December 01, 2021

amenoma Wood stand solo Keyaki compact wood splitting stand.

It can be used as a wood chopping board, cooking cutting board, and tinder making board.
Have you ever had trouble chopping firewood properly because it got stuck in the soil because there was no stand when you were chopping it, or have you ever had the blade of an important knife chipped when cutting it on a stone? Have you ever used a fallen tree as a stand and it bounced and was difficult to break? The hard wood chopping stand made from high-quality natural zelkova wood securely holds the firewood in place and prevents it from bouncing, allowing for stable buttoning work. Although it is compact, it is 30mm thick and heavy. Since it is made of wood, it is softer than stone or steel and there is no risk of the blade chipping. In response to the requests of campers, we have set it to the minimum size to make it easy to carry and use as a wood splitting table.

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