Kaji knife 105 series new release on October 1st

October 01, 2021

amenoma Kajiknife 105 New release on October 1st

To the sea and mountains. This is a ``blacksmith knife'' that can be used in a variety of situations regardless of the environment.
This is an all-round knife that is sharp, durable, and easy to maintain, created by the small swordsmith Hiromi Ikeuchi. The blade is a double-edged 3mm thick V-gold No. 10 steel hammered finish. It is resistant to rust and has been designed to be tough for fishermen and campers to use in the field. The grip part has both corrosive and antibacterial properties by burning the oak pattern. The reflective para rope reflects when you shine a light on it in the dark, making it easier to find.
Comes with a tsuba called ``Banshu Hiruto'' to protect your hands. Guards your fingers from going to the blade longer than usual. The scabbard is hand-finished and made of size 6, which is durable and resistant to fire. There is a moisture release hole at the bottom of the case. *Can be attached to a belt loop or MOLLE, and can be attached to a fishing vest or backpack.

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