Yamato (Yamato) sales have started.

September 09, 2021

Yamato Compact Whetstone Knife Whetstone

Sharpen when you want to sharpen. Compact whetstone. Yamato Series Whetstone of the Country of the Sun. Its name is "Yamato".
This whetstone is recommended for outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep their precious cutlery in top condition. This small whetstone boasts excellent grinding power and can quickly sharpen even hardened steel. It can be used for sharpening all kinds of knives, such as everyday pocket knives and outdoor knives. We also have a dedicated whetstone stand for Yamato. The material is plain and the urethane on both sides acts as a non-slip material, allowing for stable sharpening. By combining these two, you can enjoy a world of sharpening.

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