Sickle preys on baby oysters.

Sharp as a bird of prey. Raptor Sickle

This is a single-edged sickle for harvesting oyster baby plants.
You can cut off the baby plants that have grown from the parent plant without having to take them out of the pot. Insert it into the narrow gap between the parent plant and the baby plant, cut the part (runner) that connects them underground, and remove it. *It is easier to work with if you remove the soil between the parent plant and the baby plant in advance with a soil stick or something similar. The 3mm thick stainless steel is fully hardened to a hardness of over HRC55. It is durable, rust-resistant, and has a sharp cutting edge unique to a single-edged blade. It is convenient to use when working with small pots of size 3 to 5.
Raptor Sickle is a sickle made with a new concept of "TAKEMOTO BROS." that combines functionality, durability and design. Please use it to harvest succulent seedlings (mainly agave). Raptor is a single-edged type. It is sharper than the double-edged type (Kakiko). Please choose according to your dominant hand (right-handed (R) or left-handed (L)). It is also recommended as a florist's knife.

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Raptor is a Sickle designed with an eagle or hawk motif to match its sharp cutting edge. It can be used to remove agave seedlings from narrow spaces in pots. It is also useful for working with small pots of size 3 to 5. Good to look at and good to use. Please choose the double-edged " KAKIKO Sickle " which prioritizes the durability of the blade. Enjoy your garden life with this wonderful Sickle.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Raptor Sickle (L/R)


Overall length 205mm, blade length 60mm, width 25mm, blade thickness 3mm


Approx. 45 g


Body: Stainless steel (sus420j2) Single-edged (right and left) Boxed


Takemoto Sickle Mfg.