You can weed regardless of your dominant hand.

A double-edged sickle. Double-Edged Sickle

Anyway, you can weed in a cool way. This is a weeding sickle that can also be used to dig soil. It has a double-edged blade so you can work with it regardless of your dominant hand. Remove stubborn weeds as if you were digging in the soil. Weeds in a wide area can be weeded by turning the blade sideways. It can be easily cultivated and can be used in many ways. Also, the mahogany color pattern matches the black blade. When you hold it in your hand, you feel excited. You can enjoy the difficult task of weeding.
Double-Edged Sickle is a durable product with a true firing finish, and is less likely to chip or spill. Convenient for wide area removal. If you have a vegetable garden, this is recommended as it is convenient for playing with the soil.

Uses: For weeding, mowing work, and soil manipulation.

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A useful item for the vegetable garden. It can also be used for digging small holes, so it's convenient to always keep it in a corner. It's lightweight, so it's recommended for women who work in vegetable gardens. If you use it for many years, it will get damaged by dirt and stones and lose its sharpness, but you can rest assured that you can restore it by sharpening it with a whetstone.


Double-Edged Sickle


Total length 420mm, blade length 140mm, blade thickness 1mm, handle length 330mm


Approximately 235g


Blade: Steel/entirely hardened
Pattern: Mahogany colored wood pattern


Kansai Saw Mfg.