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amenoma Kaji knife Petty 150 with genuine leather case Released on April 1st_en

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To the sea and mountains. Its name is "Kaji knife"

Great for outdoor cooking. kaji knife Petty150 with genuine leather case

To the sea and mountains. A ``blacksmith knife'' for cooking.
The blade is a 3mm thick double-edged blade made of cold-forged V-gold No. 10 steel with a hammer finish that combines sharpness, durability, and ease of maintenance. It is rust resistant and designed to be easy for campers to use. The grip is made of natural hardwood oak with beautiful grain. The part that touches the back of the hand has been cut to provide a gentle fit and make it easy to use even when working for long periods of time.
Comes with a genuine leather case for easy carrying and storage. Protects your blade and allows you to carry it with confidence.
Kaji knife Petty150 is a collaboration product of Ikeuchi Knife x Amenoma. Outdoor cooking knife. It can be used versatilely with meat, vegetables, and fish. (You can cut ingredients cleanly just by pulling lightly.) Recommended for those who value ease of use. Can be used regardless of left or right handedness. *Items will be shipped after April 1st.

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Knives are essential for outdoor cooking. Easy to use, easy to carry, and safe to store. This product was developed based on the concept. The amazing sharpness makes cooking even more fun. Even after storage, the genuine leather case looks cool, and I think it will become your favorite item.
Note: Although the case is made of genuine leather and looks cool, it may contain moisture. Dry the knife before storing it in a dry place. When inserting the blade into the case, the edge of the blade may get stuck. Open the button opening and slowly retract the blade completely before stopping.

*Can be resharpened and repaired. Please see the sharpening image for details. We recommend the portable maintenance tool " Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set " . Maintaining your favorite tools in the outdoor field is the best!
If you need full maintenance, please send it to us. Broken handle can be repaired.


Kaji knife Petty150 with genuine leather case


Total length 270mm, blade length 150mm, blade thickness 3mm, handle length 105mm
With case, total length 285mm


Approximately 100g (120g in case)


Blade: V gold No. 10 steel (double-edged) hammered finish
Pattern: Oak pattern Case: Genuine leather case Paper box