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Pure titanium tempura chopsticks ebony handle 240mm

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Chopsticks for tempura.

Pure titanium tempura chopsticks .

These chopsticks were developed for frying food.
We made the chopsticks with a tip length of 240 mm (total length 400 mm) so that they are safe from oil splashing. The tips of the chopsticks are made of pure titanium, making them long but light (only 78g). The texture of the ebony pattern is wonderful and the weight is well balanced. The tips of the chopsticks have a tapered shape that is easy to control with your fingertips.
Please use it for fried foods such as tempura, donuts, and fries.
*The size of the chopsticks refers to the tip of the stainless steel chopsticks (the part beyond the stainless steel mouth). The size of the pattern is the same for each type.

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This product was developed at the request of a donut shop. It was made to be long but light so that it can be taken out quickly when fried, and it is easy to control finely. The ebony pattern is also made with a well-balanced length and thickness.


Pure titanium tempura chopsticks ebony handle 240mm


Total length 400mm, blade length 240mm
Handle length 160mm, handle width 10mm


Approximately 78g


Pure titanium (stainless steel mouth), natural wood ebony handle (boxed)


Kanaguchi Industry