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Tafuronpai Loppers

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Pruning shears that can cut thick branches at the base of the blade.

Pruning shears for cutting thick branches.

Both twigs and thick branches. Nitoku pruning shears.
These pruning shears can cut everything from twigs to thick branches (approximately 25 mm) with the professional sharpness of the clam-sharpened and transparent blades. An excellent product that can be used for a wide range of work with just one tool. You can insert the blade for cutting large branches into the base of the blade where it is easy to apply force, so you can cut with confidence. The knife is made from special steel and the entire body is baked to ensure durability and long-lasting sharpness. The handle is made of real oak and is durable.

Uses: Convenient for weeding the garden and trimming branches. Cuts up to 25mm.

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When I have to do mowing work, I feel like I want to cut all kinds of grass and branches at once. Many people end up cutting thick branches with scissors that aren't sharp enough and end up damaging the blade. For insurance purposes, we recommend pruning shears that can cut thick branches. It's heavy, so women may find it tiring.


Tafuronpai Loppers


Total length 680mm, blade length 180mm, blade thickness 4mm, handle length 450mm


Approximately 890g


Blade: Special knife steel, whole body quenched Handle: Oak handle