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Chip knife 4 piece set (with storage bag)

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Overseas style Wood carving knife

Palm-fitting handle. Chip Knife 4 piece set

This is a great value 4-piece set (TURUGI, KAMA, TONGARI, and HIRA) that comes with a storage bag.
Japanese blacksmiths have created an overseas-style carving knife that is even sharper. The handmade honyaki finish improves the characteristics of the blue steel material, sharpness, and durability. Chipknife is perfect for working with curves and details. Precise carving and wood processing can be performed. The handle, which resembles a bird's wing, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it easy to create the design you desire. There are 4 types of blades. You can choose according to the work scene.
"Tsurugi" is a representative form of carving knives with beautiful left and right shapes. This shape is often used in Western carving, and it has blades on the top and bottom, allowing you to work from any angle. Since it is a double-edged type, it can be used regardless of your dominant hand.
The "Kama" is ideal for cutting convex parts while sliding the blade. It can be carved straight. Single-edged, right-handed.
``Tongari'' has a pointed tip and is ideal for detailed engraving work. Double-edged so it can be used by both left and right handed people.
"Hira" is ideal for plane shaving. Can be used for scribing lines and straight engraving. Single-edged, right-handed.
The chip carving knife can be used in any way you like, so please picture the part you want to carve and choose.

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In addition to indoor carving and woodworking, wood carving is popular for outdoor work such as camping. There are an increasing number of people who want to take the time and effort to make utensils in their own image, such as spoons, chopsticks, and cups. As for tips on how to sharpen, although the blade cuts well, it is difficult to sharpen vertically through knots and dense wood grains. It is relatively easy to work by carving along the grain of the wood. Wood grain is also part of the texture, so cut it into the shape you envision. If you want to enjoy the sharpness of Ikeuchi knives from the beginning, please wipe off the anti-rust varnish with thinner before use.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Chip knife 4-piece set (TURUGI, KAMA, TONGARI, HIRA)


Knife: Total length 190-180mm, blade length 50-40mm
Blade thickness 2mm, handle length 140mm
Case: Total length 320mm, width 210mm


4-piece set approximately 185 g


Blue steel No. 2 steel (double-edged) polished finish, cherry pattern, storage bag included


Ikeuchi Hamono