Knife for feather sticks.

For outdoor work. amenoma Bushcraft knife feather65

To enjoy the bonfire even more. A compact knife for outdoor use.
Being able to make feather sticks well makes campers feel like they've stepped up a notch. It can be used outdoors as a knife for woodworking, cooking, opening bags, cutting string, and other small tasks. The blade is handmade from high-quality blue steel and has a honyaki black finish. It has both the sharpness that allows you to cut exactly as you want and the durability that will last forever. The palm-fitting grip makes knife operation easy. Comes with a special case for easy carrying. Comes with a D-ring so you can attach it to your backpack with a carabiner .
Bushcraft knife feather65 is a collaboration product of Ikeuchi Knife x Amenoma. Can be used outdoors for feather sticks and any woodwork. Convenient as a sub-knife for small occasions. Light and compact. *Double-edged, can be used by both right and left-handed people.

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This knife is useful for making your own fire starter "Feather Stick". To make it, make a thin piece of wood using batoning (wood splitting), then sharpen it thinly along the surface of the wood, aiming at the corner and not setting the blade too high. If you run out of corners, use another corner to scrape. I think it often ends up cutting off in the middle at first. You will have to learn the knife angle and the amount of force by doing it a few times. Recently, many people who want to make feather sticks are able to concentrate and become quite addicted to it.
The material rusts easily, so please wipe it dry after using it in water. Since the blade is 2.5mm thin, there is a risk of it bending if you press the blade too hard against the wood when making feather sticks.

*Can be resharpened and repaired. Please see the sharpening image for details. We recommend the portable maintenance tool " Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set ". Maintaining your favorite tools in the outdoor field is the best!


Bushcraft knife feather 65


Total length 160mm, blade length 65mm, blade thickness 2.5mm, handle length 95mm
Includes case, total length 165mm


Approx. 30g (60g in case)


Blade: Blue steel No. 2 steel (double-edged) black finish
Pattern: Keyaki (cherry) with paracord Case: No. 6 canvas paper box with D-rings