You can use a hammer and an ax with just one.

hybrid. amenoma Bushcraft hammer 600

This ruggedness. Expert finish. This is a man's Bushcraft hammer.
A new hybrid method with peg driving, wood splitting, and peg removal functions. Recommended for solo campers, backpackers, riders, and those who want to keep their equipment to a minimum. The hammer part is made of 600g steel by a blacksmith using fire forging and blade finishing, giving it an amazing handmade feel. The exquisite weight allows you to drive the peg with ease. The ax part has a sharp finish so that the blade can be easily inserted into firewood, making batoning easy. It has a mechanism that allows you to remove the peg under the blade. (Design registration) The grip uses a genuine oak pattern. I made it a straight type that is easy to use for both a hammer and an ax. With a total length of 300mm, it is both compact and well-balanced. It comes with a reflective para rope, so even if you lose it at a bonfire at night, it will reflect on the light and be easy to find.
The case is hand-finished from No. 6 canvas, which is durable and resistant to fire. It's designed to be inserted through the handle, so you don't have to worry about it falling out even if the button comes off. *It comes with a D-ring and can be attached to various locations by attaching a carabiner.
Bushcraft hammer is a collaboration product between Inoue Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s outdoor brand "Kuroganekazura" and amenoma. It is very useful in the outdoor field, from peg driving and peg removal to firewood splitting (battoning style and laying splitting). When you have the compact wood splitting stand " Wood Stand Solo " , you can complete the strongest batoning set.

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The best hybrid hammer that will make your rugged camper's dream come true. ``Turn your fantasies into reality'' This product is truly a dream come true for ax lovers. It was developed in response to requests from riders and solo campers who wanted a tool that could be used to set up and make fires at camp sites. The hammer and hatchet are both balanced and easy to use. The blade digs into the firewood and splits it easily, making bonfires even more fun. Since it is just an ax, it may be difficult to do detailed work such as feather sticks.
*Please do not remove the case when pegging. It is dangerous when the blade approaches your face when you swing it.

``Kuroganekazura'' is an outdoor brand launched by Inoue Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a blacksmith shop in Miki City that was founded in 1911. Using fire-forging technology, we are taking on the challenge of creating products in a new field based on the philosophy of Takashin Ranko, with the theme of ``Kurogane'', which has played a part in the company name ``Soko'' since its founding. We plan to devise outdoor products using plants and rustic motifs as motifs.

*Can be resharpened and repaired. We recommend the portable maintenance tool " Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set " . Maintaining your favorite tools in the outdoor field is the best!
If you need full maintenance, please send it to us. Since it is made of wood, it can be repaired if it breaks.


Bushcraft hammer 600


Total length 300mm, width 130mm, blade length 55mm
Hammer diameter 30mm, handle length 270mm, total length with case 330mm


Approximately 725 g (760 g in case)


Blade: Carbon steel S55C (hammer, axe, peg removal) forged black finish
Pattern: Japanese oak, with reflective para rope Case: Paper box with No. 6 canvas D-rings