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A firewood chopping stick made from natural hardwood.

Great grip feeling. amenoma batoning bou 300

Have you ever had a hard time when doing batoning work because you didn't have the right stick around? When you find a good batting stick, you keep it with great care, making it an essential item for batoning. We have created a firewood chopping aid that can be wielded with a knife or hatchet made from natural hardwood (oak). The handle is inspired by the handle of a ``tekagi'', a tool for hooking and carrying heavy objects, and is designed to be easy to hold and does not slip off, allowing the force to be transmitted to the blade for stable batoning work. The hitting surface is square and can be used differently depending on the degree of damage. The size (300mm) is designed to be easy to use and carry (storage).
Batoning bou300 is a collaboration product between Kaneguchi Seisakusho and amenoma. In addition to being used as a batoning stick, it can also be used for pounding cooked meat and shoulder pounding. Each piece is handmade, so you'll be impressed by how comfortable it is to hold.

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This is a stick made from natural oak wood that has been air-dried for about a year. It has a durable and comfortable grip, so you might end up splitting too much firewood. Since it is a natural material, it will break down with frequent use. The cracking speed will also vary depending on the sharpness of the knife and the hardness of the firewood. If it is completely damaged and can no longer be used, please use it as firewood. We recommend wrapping the grip with a cover or tape to reduce the impact transmitted to your hands. You can perform stable work by using the portable wood chopping stand `` Wood Stand Solo ''.


Batoning bou 300


Total length 300mm, width 35mm, thickness 35mm


Approximately 250g


Natural hardwood oak/reflective para rope