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Yamakichi GEAR BLADE 240 (main body/replacement blade)

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light! A saw for outdoor use.

Great for cutting firewood. Gear Blade 240.

The national defense colors raise the camper's tension.
survival model. This is a replaceable blade saw for outdoor use.
With a blade length of 240 mm, you can easily cut firewood and fallen branches for bonfires and stoves. It comes with a case and can be carried and stored, making it easy to carry around the mountains and fields. The saw blade is a thin 0.7mm thick blade that is easy to cut through dry wood. Impact hardened cutting edge ensures long lasting cutting. The grip is wrapped in soft resin (elastomer) to fit your hand, so you won't get tired even when working for long periods of time. The series of replacement blades has blades for various purposes such as pruning, fine pruning, extra fine pruning, temporary frames, crafts, bamboo sawing, and iron cutting. A variety of replacement blades can be used with one main body.
Uses: For cutting firewood and dead branches while camping. For cutting general wood, raw wood, and bamboo forests. It is a versatile type that can be used in areas other than outdoor fields. The saw is firmly inside the pod to prevent it from falling. To remove it, use your thumb to push out the pod and pull out the grip.

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Gear Blade is light and cool. The saw has good balance. The grip fits on the back of your hand, so it has good adhesion. Less tiring. The thin blade allows for easy cutting with little damage to trees. Women can also work comfortably. This is the same problem with many saws with a sheath, but the problem is that you can't attach it without a belt. For those who do not wear a belt (especially women), we recommend attaching a carabiner to the sheath and hooking it to the belt loop. When it comes to camping saws, there is a tendency to emphasize compactness, but longer blades are easier to cut. I highly recommend it if you have no problems with storage! *Please be careful not to lose it as it is a military color that blends well with the mountains and fields.

Replacement blade replacement method: No tools required. (See image)
1. Cover the saw blade with a cloth, hold it, and tap the back of the handle lightly to remove it.
2. After removing and checking the used saw blade, prepare a new saw blade. Attach the hook part to the back metal rotating bracket.
3. Check that the saw blade hook part is hanging on the back metal, and secure it by nailing the grip handle end.


GEAR BLADE 240 (main body/replacement blade)


Total length 470mm, blade length 240mm, blade thickness 0.7mm, sheath length 460mm


Body 240g (inner sheath 100g), spare blade 34g


Blade: SK-5 hardened steel, hard chrome plating, impact hardened blade edge laser marking Grip: ABS + elastomer resin Sheath: ABS resin


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