A weeding sickle that can cut through the soil.

Hand Grass Cutter.

Anyway, you can weed in a cool way. This is a professional weeding sickle. The sharp blade like a cutter is attached at an exquisite angle, so weeding feels more like cutting than scraping. It can easily cut hard and thick grass, and it cuts straight from the soil. In addition, the mahogany color pattern and black blade match. When you hold it in your hand, you feel excited. You can enjoy the difficult task of weeding.
The Hand Grass Cutter has a hard-grilled finish and is durable, with no chipping or spillage, and the blade is polished by rubbing against dirt, so it doesn't lose its sharpness.

Application: For weeding and mowing work.

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A weeding sickle with the same steel and base metal as a single-edged knife. The feeling of being cut from the soil is an indescribably exhilarating feeling. There are weeding tools that often have bent blades and handles, but the blacksmith's hardening has been wonderfully durable and makes them workable. However, if you use it for many years, it will become damaged by dirt and stones and lose its sharpness, but you can rest assured that it can be restored by sharpening it with a whetstone. It is useful as a garden care tool for those who want to weed every corner.


Hand Grass Cutter


Total length 270mm, blade length 110mm, blade thickness 2mm, handle length 110mm


Approximately 180g


Blade: Steel, whole body quenched Handle: Mahogany colored wood handle


Kansai Saw Mfg.