Brushing gear and tent.

You can change the angle! amenoma Camp brush horsehair M

Brush outside quickly.
This is an outdoor cleaning brush. It is useful for a wide range of purposes, such as removing ash from fires that adhere to gear, dust that accumulates inside and outside of tents, and cleaning tarps during the rainy season. The hair is made of pure horse hair (sesame hair). The exquisitely elastic bristles penetrate into the gaps and sweep away accumulated dust and dirt without damaging the gear. The handle is long enough to be easily used as part of your hand, and angled so that it can be easily inserted into the area you want to clean from above. Comes with a paracord so you can hang it up and keep it ready for cleaning at any time. The brown bristles do not show dirt and can be used safely for a long time. After use, wipe off any deposits and store in the shade.
Camp brush Horsehair M is a collaboration product between Ishii and Amenoma. For removing dust from tools used outdoors such as camping and gardening. The angle can be changed, making it convenient for cleaning large areas such as inside the tent. Brushing the tools you've enjoyed after use will keep them clean the next time you use them.

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There are various types of horse hair, from super soft types to elastic hard types. Based on the outdoor cleaning situation, we selected a bristles that can be easily and delicately cleaned. It's a hand type, so if you keep it on hand at all times, you'll get addicted to cleaning it. (M) is a type that allows you to adjust the angle of the horsehair part. It may come loose if you change it many times. In that case, tighten the thumbscrew again to make it tight. Camp brush It has a rugged shape, but that's what makes you love it.


Camp brush horsehair M


Total length 360mm, width 30mm
Handle length 320mm, brush length 180mm, bristles length 45mm


Approximately 140g


Pure horse hair (sesame hair), magnolia pattern, with paracord