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amenoma Italian Leather Cover for Forged Scoop

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A cover exclusively for forged scoops.

Made of Italian leather. Leather Cover for forged scoop.

You can store your favorite forged scoop in a cool way. A special cover for the popular scoop.
The cover is made from the highest quality Italian leather. Carefully selected parts are sewn together one by one. Adopts color "orange". When you put it on, it looks cool and the color matches well with the shovel. To use, simply insert the blade into the cover and fasten the two brass buttons. When you place it next to your favorite plant, it really lifts your mood.
If you already have a forged scoop, just use the cover. If you don't have one, we also have short and long handle types available as a set with a cover. Carry it with the case as a gardening or camping shovel.

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This item is recommended for those who want to play with the soil in a cool way. BONSAI+ `` Forged shovel short handle '' and ` `Forged shovel long handle '' are products that make use of their heavy weight to help clear land even in hard soil that cannot be dug with a regular shovel. When stored with this Italian leather cover, the atmosphere will change so much that it will look great when placed as an interior decoration. It was made by Evolution Custom Leather, which makes cool genuine leather cases for car remote keys. Since we use natural leather, each item has a different pattern , making it a one-of-a-kind item.


Italian Leather Cover for Forged Scoop


Total length 220mm, width 105mm


Approximately 50g


Cow tanned leather (Italian Maya) orange/brass buttons