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Trimming shears with guard metal clasp (body/parts)

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Leaf trimming shears that can be used with one hand.

Comes with a guard to protect your hands. Trimming shears with guard.

New shoots and young leaves can be cut neatly.
These are pruning shears that can be used with one hand. Used for shaping hedges and plants. The back side finish provides a sharp cutting edge and reduces the possibility of the blade becoming clogged with wood tar, etc. Comes with a guard to prevent falling while working, protect your hands, and prevent jams when opening. The whole body is forged and has a firing finish, making it strong and durable, and each blade is hand-tipped for sharpness. It has a clean cut, absorbs water well and lasts a long time. We can perform maintenance repairs such as re-sharpening and distortion removal work. *Includes one replacement pine needle spring. A set of springs and screws are sold separately as parts.

Uses: Used for cutting leaves on a stepladder, trimming plants, trimming hedges and pine trees, cutting roots to match the pot size when replanting plants, and for bonsai.

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These scissors have the best blade alignment and the " crunchy sound " when opening and closing. With a blade length of 270 mm, new shoots and young leaves can be cut neatly. This is a garden trimmer that is useful for long, difficult-to-handle tasks with regular pruning shears. It is especially effective when used with one hand on an unstable stepladder. This is for cutting leaves, so cutting branches may cause the blade to chip.

Note: For raw wood, the blade has a small blade finish on the back to prevent chipping, making it difficult to cut rope cords (strings tied to posts, etc.).


Trimming shears with guard and metal clasp


Total length 270mm , width 85mm, blade length 115mm, blade thickness 5mm


Approximately 340g


All steel, 6mm screws, guard included, spare pine needle spring included, boxed


Onoyoshi Hamono