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Pruning bud shears 7 inches with metal clasp (main unit/parts)

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Can be budded and pruned. Pruning bud shears.

Popularity! 7 inch size.

This single shears functions as a bud cutter and pruning shears.
This product has a cutting blade and receiving blade shaped like pruning shears, and is as sharp as a bud-cutting shears. The blade has a gentle shape, so it cuts smoothly. The grip part has a sanded finish, making it difficult to slip and easy to apply force.
The whole body is forged and has a firing finish, making it strong and durable, and each blade is hand-tipped for sharpness. It does not crush the cut stems of cut flowers and is beautiful, absorbs water well and lasts a long time. We can perform maintenance repairs such as re-sharpening and distortion removal work. *Includes one replacement pine needle spring. A set of springs and screws are sold separately as parts.

Uses: Suitable for cutting thin branches of fruit trees, harvesting vegetables, and picking flowers.

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7 inches is the most popular size for pruning buds. It is useful during the spring and summer seasons when plants are growing vigorously and various tasks are being carried out. I often hear people say that it's better to carry two pruning shears and bud shears when you're working, because you only need one, which means less luggage. The blade surface has a beautiful mirror finish, and it is a product that touches the hearts of those who use it because of the sophisticated effort that can only be achieved by a craftsman. The blade has an obtuse angle for tough use, but it is not intended for pruning, so please do not use it for cutting large branches. Cuts up to 6-8mm.

Note: For raw wood, the blade has a small blade finish on the back to prevent chipping, making it difficult to cut rope cords (strings tied to posts, etc.).


Pruning bud shears 7 inch metal clasp


Total length 180mm, width 44mm, blade length 50mm, blade thickness 4mm


Approximately 220g


All steel, 6mm screws, spare pine needle spring included, boxed


Onoyoshi Hamono