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tumugu cutting board "Kohaku"

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Have fun cutting ingredients.

Utilizing woodworking skills. tumugu cutting board "Kohaku".

I want you to have fun and enjoy your daily cooking. This cutting board was created with that in mind.
By regularly combining deep colors unique to natural wood, we have created a cute and timeless design. All are made of high-density hardwood. It is resistant to water, resistant to corrosion, and is softer than a kitchen knife, so it won't damage the blade. After considering a size that would be easy to carry, stable, and easy to use, we adopted a size of 200 mm in height x 300 mm in width x 20 mm in thickness. It can be used in a wide range of situations, such as in the kitchen and outdoors (camping, etc.).
Amber is a fossilized natural resin that has a transparent yellow-brown color. The main color is cherry, which is close to yellowish brown, hence the name. We also recommend choosing a shape that matches the color of your kitchen counter or table.

Check amenoma !

Ikutomo Woodworks, the company that manufactures tumugu cutting boards, also manufactures saw handles. Applying our proprietary technology that we have cultivated over many years, ``accurately crimping pieces of wood together using high frequency waves,'' we combined multiple pieces of natural oak wood together . The beautiful colors are also unique to nature. It has a finish that you will never get tired of. It is also great to use it as a serving plate on the dining table after cooking. There will also be less washing up. Please have fun with your arrangement.


cutting board "Kohaku"


Length 200mm, width 300mm, plate thickness 20mm


Approximately 690g


Natural wood (maple x cherry x walnut), boxed


Ikutomotatsuo Woodworks