Crafted by agricultural tool blacksmiths.
This is a completely handmade frying pan.

It was made by free forging by hammering red-hot iron.

Millio frying pans are strong, highly functional and extremely durable. Each finished product has a different expression, and the texture that is unique to handmade products is attractive. The surface is baked in oil to create a ``film'' that prevents rust and burns. By heating the pan to a temperature of 500 to 600 degrees before applying oil, a stronger film is created, resulting in a frying pan that will not warp even when used over an open flame. The more you use it, the more the oil will get used to it, and even if it gets burnt, you can clean it by polishing it, so you can use it for a long time. When cooked at high temperatures, the surface is browned and the inside is plump and juicy, and has excellent heat storage and heat retention properties. The 22cm type can be used for cooking for two people, making bento boxes, breakfast ham and eggs, scrambled eggs, grilling on a bonfire, teppanyaki, and other grilling methods.

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Enjoy the best teppanyaki cooking at camp. The perfect size to make for two people. Grill meat for a short period of time in a sufficiently heated state. The inside of the carat is juicy and juicy. No matter what kind of meat you choose, you can enjoy the excitement of a high-end steak restaurant. Also, if you have some outdoor spices, it would be perfect. Since the handle cannot be removed, you will need to secure some space when storing it, but it is very durable and will not break!
For carrying, we recommend the `` Military-style rice bowl holder '' for attaching a pack pack compatible with Millio frying pans.

Before use (seasoning)

Bake over low heat to remove surface rust preventive paint, etc. Please note that the handle will become hot. After a while, smoke will appear. The smoke will gradually disappear as the anti-rust paint comes off. Reposition the pot if necessary and remove the anti-rust paint. (If the smoke stops coming out, it is proof that the rust has been removed.) The surface of the main body will turn black, but this is not a problem as it is an ``oxide film'' formed by oxidation of iron.
Caution: If you overcook it, it will become distorted, so stop cooking when there is no more smoke.
Apply oil using kitchen paper. If you let it cool down and then air-bake it again and wipe it with oil, the oil will be absorbed. Stir-frying the food with vegetable scraps etc. before cooking will remove the iron smell.
※one point! Use drying oil such as ``sunflower oil'' or ``perilla oil.'' We recommend it because it hardens in the air and forms a solid oil film. Olive oil, which is a non-drying oil, does not form an oil film. Please be careful.


Forged frying pan 22cm


Total length 42.5cm (with handle), diameter 22cm, material thickness 2.3mm (bottom diameter: 16cm x depth 4cm)


Approximately 1kg


Iron…Forged finish, storage bag, millio sticker included


Azui Manufacturing