Red Stone`s #01 #02 is now on sale.

December 06, 2022

Red Stone`s Ax knife

The concept of "Red Stone's".
It was created with the meaning of adding the spirit = 's to give form to the ideas, opinions, and requests of various users to the red = red, which creates the passion and fire of a blacksmith, and the will = stone = stone, which represents the will to create things. We will give form to new challenges using the technology we have cultivated over many years. We will build a maintenance system that will allow you to use your cutlery with peace of mind for many years to come. We will put a rod number on each limited quantity product so that we can provide detailed after-sales follow-up.
The Red Stone`s series is a product that touches the hearts of those who use it. You can care for your favorite plants with your favorite gear. It provides the best moments. #01 #02 is only for cutting buds, so please do not use it for pruning branches, etc.

Red Stone`s #01 introduction here

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