Orca Sickle is now on sale.

January 07, 2022

TAKEMOTO BROS. Takemoto Kama Seisakusho

The rounded edge makes it easy for women and children to use.
The sharp edge of the blade is rounded, making it safe, secure, easy to use, and cool to work with. We have created such a product. The blade has a back-sawn finish that allows you to cut everything from soft grass to small stems. The entire body of the 2mm thick steel attachment material has been hardened to a hardness of HRC 60 degrees or higher, and has been finished with a suki finish (a technique in which the polished blade is further shaved into a concave shape to improve the sharpness and separation of grass) to make it easier to pull. The handle is made of durable oak. Durable with a base made of brass that will not deteriorate over time. It is a product that is both sharp and solid.

A designer series created by the third-generation Takemoto Kama Seisakusho brothers based on feedback from users such as gardeners and farmers. We provide sickles that have evolved in pursuit of functionality, durability, and fun to use.

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