KUKSA handmade kit released on April 1st

March 30, 2022

KUKSA Handmade Kit Michi Hamono Kogyo

You can make your own kukusa, a popular outdoor cup.
This is a kit that even those who are making cutlery for the first time can make with confidence. This kit allows you to do all the work of scraping, digging, and polishing. The knives include 3 carving types and 1 knife (double-edged) type. The blade is made of high-speed steel that lasts 3 times longer and is made using a unique quenching method to combine high hardness and tenacity. The blade does not easily chip and retains its sharpness on hard wood and very hard soot bamboo. The steel type uses extremely soft iron as the base metal. Easy to sharpen and hard to temper even with machine sharpening.

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