Knife maintenance Knife strop series released on March 21st

March 16, 2022

amenoma Knife strop + Yamato (#1000) set outdoor knife maintenance tool

If you have this, you can camp with peace of mind.
This is a full-fledged resharpening set for use in outdoor fields. The blades of knives, hatchets, axes, and kitchen knives are sharpened with Yamato (#1000) and finished with Knifestrop (leather strop). Comes with a dedicated stand for the whetstone, so you can work in a stable location. The whetstone is a compact type and is used for semi-finishing (#1000) to restore sharpness. The leather is 2mm thick genuine leather on both sides. It has a rectangular shape with a length of 360 mm and a width of 50 mm. Please use it with one side (eggplant ring part or D ring part) fixed to a hooking place (pole or peg) and stretched. It will be more stable if you use the included carabiner to pull it. Compact and convenient to carry. There are two types of series. There are full maintenance type and simple maintenance type.
*This product will be released on March 21st, but online orders will be shipped on the 22nd due to the holiday.

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