Kaji knife Petty series with genuine leather case will be released on April 1st

March 13, 2024

amenoma Kaji knife Petty series with genuine leather case

To the sea and mountains. A ``blacksmith knife'' for cooking. It can be used versatilely with meat, vegetables, and fish.
The blade is a 3mm thick double-edged blade made of cold-forged V-gold No. 10 steel with a hammer finish that combines sharpness, durability, and ease of maintenance. It is rust resistant and designed to be easy for campers to use. The grip is made of natural hardwood oak with beautiful grain. The part that touches the back of the hand has been cut to provide a gentle fit and make it easy to use even when working for long periods of time.
Comes with a genuine leather case for easy carrying and storage. Protects your blade and allows you to carry it with confidence. The series has two types: 120.150mm. Please choose according to the scene.
Started accepting products. It will be shipped from April 1st.

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