Falthen SYU Special New release on November 4th

November 04, 2022

Falthen Mr.SYU Special Powdered High Speed ​​Steel Folding Knife

Unnecessarily high spec. This is a folding knife that can be used in camping cooking scenes.
Banshu Miki knife craftsmen, knife blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka and knife sharpener Yamato Miyawaki, have turned Mr. SYU's ideas into reality. Powdered high-speed steel, which has the strongest cutting edge and durability, has been made into a blade shape that is tough enough to cook food. Through trial and error, we determined the blade opening angle that would prevent your hands from touching the cutting board and allow you to cook with peace of mind. The grip part is made of precious natural wood "beef wood". It is a rare wood with tight grain and density, and it looks like marbled meat, making it a unique choice from SYU, who is an expert in cooking.

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