Bushcraft knife RAIZIN New release on October 10th

September 29, 2023

amenoma Bushcraft knife RAIZIN Released on October 10th

The Damascus knife of a man's dream. His name is RAIZIN
Popular series, the highest rank of bushcraft knives. The blade is blue steel No. 2 laminated (8 layers) double-edged 5mm thick. When cut, it becomes durable and adds a sense of elegance. Due to the blacksmith's unique forging technology, each piece has a different pattern, making it truly a one-of-a-kind product. The full tang allows for batoning work on hard hardwoods without difficulty. The grip part is specially wrapped with para rope to further increase grip strength. It has a good grip and is even more exciting.

Bushcraft knife 120 Raijin

Bushcraft knife 150 Raijin

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